Monday, November 16, 2009


:::look at the pic above:::

:::is it sweeeettt???:::

:::the moment that i always dream in mylife:::

:::if it could be:::

:::im gonna be the most happiest person in the world:::

:::i wanna spell out my feel here:::

:::actually,i wanna tell about a boy that i like very much:::

:::when i see his pic,my heart vibrate so fast as nothing could overcome it:::

:::the liquid love spread throughout my whole vessels and nothing could stop it:::

:::i feel like wanna fly in the air when i saw his face:::

:::just wanna say that,i like him so much:::

:::his face like a blue moon that is covered by the shiny white stars:::

:::blinking into my eyes:::

:::oh no:::

:::what a God's creature:::


:::does he like...does he love:::


:::this quote always be in my mind:::

:::can he be part of my life forever::: a boy who had taken my heart

:::i even wonder if he already had someone special in his life:::

:::secret admire?of course he had a lot:::

:::everyone is trying to take his heart including me:::

:::now,he always take his time on me:::

:::messaging,chatting,talking and many more:::

:::the point is,he always spend his time with:::

:::he told me all his problems:::

:::about family,friends,teachers,and his conditions:::

:::all problem are thrown to me:::

:::hoping that i could be the someone that may help him:::

:::what else i can say about myself?:::

:::ahhhaa..a good listener...something like a loyal friend:::

:::why he choose me?:::

:::why? why? and why?:::

:::does he have a feel to me?(i hope so):::

:::once he said,he started to love me:::

:::i hope it could be a reality and will last forever:::

:::but i think it is just a dreaM:::

:::i like to talk to him because:::

:::he understand myself:::

:::sumone said that he had a commercial face:::

:::that means a perfect and nice face:::

:::the point is:::

:::why i like him very much??:::

:::is it because of love? or financy?attitude?smart?cute face? that he have:::

:::many said that a true love come from a sincere heart,not affected by money,cutie face:::

:::are u all agree wif that??:::


:::my finger said that it wanna take rest:::

:::too much of typing give it lot of tiredness..::: be continued....